The Faerialist

The Faerialist


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Hailing from a planet in the constellation of Lyra, The Faerialist combines the elements with a bit of magic to imbue her performances of aerials, light, fire and flow to captivate the audience.

A skilled aerialist who is now competing in Elite aerial competitions, starting out her instructorship for Aerial Divas and has also been working in the events industry both behind the scenes and on stage for 4 years, she has performed at festivals and events such as Babylon, Elements, Esoteric, Bush Techno, Reminisce and many more.

Working as an individual as well as with the multi-talented Collectives Celestial Circus and Amazon Art, she brings her natural charisma and drive to her art form that is purely unique.

The Faerialist brings a true and passionate love for her art as well as an otherworldly grace in her techniques that inspire creativity and light up any realm.