Gate Times

Thursday 23rd November 12 PM – 9 PM  *EARLY ENTRY TICKETS ONLY*

Friday 24th: 9 AM – 9 PM

Saturday 25th: 9 AM – 9 PM

Sunday 26th: 9 AM – 5 PM

No pass-outs are allowed during the event. 

You are able to camp right next to your vehicle. All Zenith Explorers need to be off the site by Monday 27th at noon. 

Ashtray. Bring a portable ashtray with a lid so you can keep it in your pocket and leave the festival site clean without a trace.

Anti-social behaviour. Zenith Gathering has a zero-tolerance policy towards anti-social behaviour of any kind both inside and outside the festival area.

Alcohol – We are a fully licensed event, there will be absolutely NO BYO alcohol. There will be a bar onsite. Drink reasonably so that it does not negatively affect your behaviour.

Bins. Please sort waste in the bins throughout the festival site. TC is a “Leave No Trace Event”. We ask you to take all your campsite rubbish with you.

Camping. Bring your tent, tarp, poles and shade. Bring your own sleeping bag, blankets, mattresses, chairs and ground mats, it’s a week long event and sleep is important essential.

Carpool. Transport is the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint as a festival community. Check into the carpool FB group for a rideshare option. Transport is the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint as a festival community.

Conditions of Entry – On-site Management reserve the right to refuse entry and eject any participants who are in breach of the festival or exhibit anti-social behaviour involved in anti-social behaviour or in breach of the festival guidelines.

Cutlery and crockery: Bring your own to the food stalls when eating to reduce our waste footprint.

Drinking enough water is very important. Bring some with you and please support our no plastic bottle policy by refilling your own permanent containers.

Dogs or any other pets are not permitted to be unattended at the festival at anytime.

Earplugs: Please carry appropriate earphones and spare noise cancellation ones as well to protect your ears from a continuous duration of high frequency music. protect ears from damage and will make it easier at night-time to get the rest you need before driving home.

Extra cold nights can occur. Make sure you are prepared; bring warm clothing and take advantage of the community fire.

Fires are not permitted in the campgrounds and there is a Total Fire Ban except for the festival’s monitored communal fire.

First Aid- Professional first aid is present for you 24hrs / day during the festival. If you or a friend needs help, don’t hesitate, the staff are trained to deal with all medical concerns.

Festival times/Map for the stages and workshops can be found on the website for you to print out together with a map of the festival.

Gas cookers are not allowed within the campgrounds unless they are professionally installed into caravans.

Gates opening times will be published on the website closer to the event. Make sure you don’t arrive before the gates open as there is NO roadside parking available along the main road to the event and traffic control will move you along.

Glass is NOT permitted on the dancefloor; this includes all glass.  The venue has fully licensed bars onsite.

Hats and a raincoat will keep you safe from the weather.

Illegal substances are not permitted. There will be police on the roads. Party smart, party safe.

INFO/ OPS booth will be situated within the festival area for any problems, questions and assistance you might need 🙂

Jukebox – Small speaker dock sound systems are acceptable. No loud or offensive music to disturb your neighbours in the campground.

Keys – bring a spare set and give one to a friend for safe keeping if you are prone to losing your car keys 😉

Leave no Trace. Respect nature and yourself and don’t leave a trace of trash behind. Make sure you bring rubbish bags and boxes to take your rubbish home.

Local businesses. Support the local businesses in the area, get your supplies and fuel in Mudgee just before you get to the festival site.

Money – ATM/POS are NOT available onsite. Make sure you bring enough cash to last you the whole event. Some market stalls may accept cards, however, do not rely on this as your only source of payment.

Neighbours. Introduce yourself to your campground neighbours and look out for each other’s belongings.

Out of bounds. Please respect any areas marked as no entry or staff only.

Parking and access – follow the instruction of traffic and site crew, it is essential we keep all access roads clear at ALL TIMES for emergencies. A 10km/h speed limit with hazard lights, applies to the entire festival area.

Pass outs are not permitted. Should you have an emergency go to info and get a special permit from Operations. However, your vehicle will need to be left parked at the gate car park on re-entry. Restricted vehicle movements are in place for everyone’s safety.

Privacy. Be considerate of people’s privacy when taking photos or video. Ask for permission to take photos of minors.

Quad bikes and motorbikes are not permitted at the festival.

Road safety. Make sure to sleep well before driving home and be ABSOLUTELY sure not to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Reduce waste. BYO water bottle, cup, carabiner, and quality camping equipment with longevity. Single use camping equipment is completely unacceptable. Try to leave excess packaging at the shops or bin it before you get to the festival.

Shade & Weather. Provide protection in the camping areas. Best to bring self-supporting shade, such as a tarp, poles, ropes and pegs, do not attach anything to onsite structures and fences and trees.

Sort waste. Use the bins provided– Take two seconds to make sure you dispose of your stuff in the right bins. Recycle when you get home – separate trash from recycling in your camp, take it home and recycle.

Sound systems and generators are not permitted in the camping grounds.

Shoes. Bring sturdy shoes for wearing at night. The festival site has roads with lots of sharp stones.

Showers. There are showers available for use for patrons. Please be respectful of the space and limit your water usage.

Sneaking in. Don’t even think about sneaking into the festival. If you are caught you will be charged with trespassing and banned, and so will everyone else part of your crew!

Tickets. No name changes at the gate. We will be scanning tickets and matching ID at the gate. Your name must appear on the e-ticket for entry, have your ID ready please.

Torch. A good torch makes it much safer to get around at night.

Toilets. There are toilets on the site, please be respectful of these facilities, keep them clean, do not dispose of any sanitary items or rubbish in them. 

Understand that we are here as a community and that we need to look after one another. If you see a community member in trouble, always help them to seek assistance.

Valuables. Don’t bring valuables unless you really need to, and keep them on your person at all times.

Vehicle movements. Once parked, vehicle movements are strictly prohibited apart from your departure. This is for your safety.

Wristbands must be worn at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS! If damaged go to info with your ticket and ID for a replacement.

X No personal delivery services, take away/uber eats etc… will be allowed to enter the festival venue or stop along the main road to deliver at the festival gate.

You are a vital contributor to the success of Zenith Gathering.

Zzzz. We encourage you to plan your weekend so you are sober and ready to drive by the time the festival closes, but if when it comes time to leave the site on Monday at 10 am the latest, and you judge that you are not in a fit state to drive and wish to remain on site to sleep it off, ask our staff about the camping area which has been specially allocated for this purpose. You may set up your tent/car there and sleep until you are able to travel safely.


There is so much to see and do in the Zenith Oasis! Familiarize yourself with the map so you feel comfortable when you arrive!