Dark Psy & Forest

Zenith Stage

Delving with all their force into the psychedelic world of electronic music, the bros have always been passionate about electronic music since early teenage years, mainly influenced by artists such as Astrix, Yahel, Astral Projection.

After their journey to down under land and discovering the Australian underground scene, they have been dedicated to share their love and passion for psytrance music and culture, playing an active role in promoting a variety of events, they are the main force behind Psytribe Sydney.

Hammering out seriously heart pounding psychedelia which is a result of their melodic,old school background, infused with todays powerful and groovy basslines , the duo love it when launching the floor into a frenzy that takes the audience to a deep journey, helping refresh the mind and soul while the body floates on their frequency.

Delivering their own sound since early 2019, along with forefront music from around the world to the dancefloors, brings out a solid aura that always makes it an unforgettable experience to be there and enjoy the devine moment of now.