Vortex Stage

AVAXA plays melodic house and techno until her fingers bleed, leading you through expansive mountainsides and dark corridors.

Purple Sneakers described AVAXA as “one of those enigmatic artists that imbues meaning to every detail as to create a mythology around their music.” Fixed in the search for the new sound; she is always looking ahead to see how the aural sphere can be reinvented. “I hear a lot of this amazing dark, industrial techno in Berlin, but I think it can be important to combine that with the soft, melodic sounds that engage with you, that connect with you. No sound exists in isolation, it’s about creating a cohesive experience”

AVAXA has played at renowned venues such as Keller Kulb (Berlin), Capulet (Brisbane), Circus and Day Spa (Melbourne)and festivals like Jungle Love, Yonder, Ethereal Valley and Bambozilled. She has returned to Australia after playing shows in Germany and Austria for the innovative Ars Electronica Festival. If you get the chance to see her play, bring some mesh to catch the pieces of her soul she shoots through her fingertips.