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Heartfelt soundscapes twisted into heaving techno; B2PC embodies bass mutation fused with poignant power.

Exploring a balance between industrial darkness, psychedelia, tribal groove and narrative, B2PC’s releases have been developed with labels swimming within a similar ethos, including Zenon, Renesanz, Digital Structures, Egothermia, Stone Seed and Techgnosis, leading him to remix DJ Balthazar, Knobs, Triforce and Ben Rama.

His professionally trained background in instrumentation, live performance, production and DJing fuel his sets with technical versatility and originality, utilising a four deck DJ style refined with creative percussion and atmospheric looping. As a drummer of eighteen years, B2PC incorporates the organic rhythms of live drumming into his composition as well as performances.

Alongside headline shows in Europe, New Zealand and Australia, B2PC has taken his unique taste in techno to a mass of the world’s revered festivals: Shankra, Twisted Frequency, Earth Frequency, Dragon Dreaming and Rabbits Eat Lettuce among the slew that regularly exhibit the B2PC experience.

Making his mark in the gritty underground bunkers and clubs, B2PC has nailed Berlin’s Rummels Bucht and Void Club, Denmark’s KB18, Poland’s Metronom and Australia’s Church of Techno, S.A.S.H, Treffpunkt and White Noise, to name a few.