Biscuit Bytes

Biscuit Bytes


Psy Trance

Vortex Stage

Biscuit Bytes (UP Records) [They/Them]
Define ‘biscuit’: a small baked unleavened cake, typically crisp, flat, and sweet.
Define ‘byte’: a unit of memory size.
Define ‘bite’: an act of biting something in order to eat it.

Biscuit Bytes is a technical powerhouse of the ACT scene, both masterminding and collaborating on many projects along the east coast. From festivals such as Illogical, Dragon Dreaming, and Psyland; to virtual experiences like Psyberland – Biscuit Bytes has helped to build countless event brands with extensive work across many venues.

Armed with razor sharp music and event production skills, Biscuit Bytes has been setting the scene alight with their impressive synchronised light shows and high energy DJ sets.

As crowds move with the times, Biscuit Bytes continues to dig deeper into the meaning of the trance experience in the modern age. Working closely alongside fellow artist Arc 10, their catalogue of unreleased tunes and reworks grows more vast by the day. Harnessing these extensive libraries of psy and trance, Biscuit Bytes can conduct an orchestra of life on any dancefloor.