Dread Maiden

Dread Maiden



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Stemming from love of the ebb and flow of progressive metal, psychedelic rock journey music, and a deep love for dub and drum and bass, Dread Maiden’s goal is to manifest drum and bass mixes with an eclectic concoction of light and dark, high and lows.

Having a background in acoustic music and production and being an avid supporter of the NSW drum and bass community for years, the COVID lockdowns proved the best time to focus on the love of drum and bass and create aural adventures, blending jungle, techy, dark minimal, half-time and liquid drum and bass, as well as exploring the wide spectrum of other bassy sub-genres.

Dread Maiden co-hosts Orbital Radio show, Cabin Fever Sessions, alongside Cabin Fever boss-lady Tassone, and KreliaS, representing Newcastle DJ collective, Newy Bass Crew, which aims to shine a spotlight on local DJs, artists, events and communities.

2022 has been very fruitful for Dread Maiden. January saw her feature as a guest artist on Bristol’s Goat Shed radio show, The Down Underground, and she has played at some amazing Newcastle and Sydney parties in the months since lockdowns have eased, including Newcastle’s Higher Ground, and Sydney-based Cabin Fever’s Bass Ship and Airwaves and more in the works.

She is the creative director for Newy Bass Crew, which aims to shine a spotlight on local DJs, artists and events and is focussed on cultivating a community of love, compassion, inclusivity and freedom of expression. Newy Bass Crew has several up-coming events happening around the Newcastle area.

Dread Maiden is also a resident DJ for Cabin Fever Crew – with some international support gigs coming up later in 2022.