Eitan Reiter

Eitan Reiter



Vortex Stage

Eitan Reiter goes Out of Orbit! One of the more prolific and diverse voices in electronic music has a new project. Out of Orbit sees Eitan venture into the world of Psychedelic Trance from a different perspective, the outcome of exploring music and sound while extrapolating them into Psytrance.

Eitan is well known as one half of LOUD in the Psytrance world and from his ventures into Techno, Acid & Downtempo music as well as a sought-after remixer under his own name.

After performing under his many projects all around the globe in every possible venue and festival, such as: Boom Festival, Ozora Festival, Rainbow Serpent, Burning Man, Symbiosis Gathering, Airbeat One, Urban Artforms, XXXperience, Tribe, Dommune, AgeHa, The Block, Gare, Glade Festival, Noisily Festival, Antaris Project, Universo Paralelo Festival and many more. Eitan now takes it up a notch.