Psy Trance

Vortex Stage

Flow-tek is the progressive trance / dnb / psy project from producer Alfred Stewart hailing from the lush tropics of far North Queensland his signature sound is an earthy melodic pulse… with a touch of redneck and a swallow of moonshine comes a whopping bassline with a crisp and well structured finish…

With the stage presence of a well seasoned punter his sets guide you through a subconscious safari while diving into the thought process and brainwave of himself leaving nothing behind except pure intent and good memories.

Having played alongside well respected artists in the scene such as unseen dimensions,coming soon,cosmic flow,vertigo ,audiophonic to name a few.

While only playing frequently in Australia and still working towards the global circuit.

Labels include
Twisted lotus records
UP records
Wittika net records
Subtone productions
Galaxy records
8ball audio