Fungus Funk

Fungus Funk


Dark Psy & Forest, Psy Trance

Zenith Stage

Fungus Funk is Sergei Prilepa, Ukrainian born psychedelic trance musician living in Spain. Sergei started producing psytrance in 1998, and he has been releasing music since 2001.

Over the past 20 years, Fungus Funk has put out his compilation tracks on Sangoma Records, Looney Moon, Pixan, Forestdelic, Acidance and numerous other labels. To his credit are four well-received full length albums: ‘F-Peopleʼ(2006) on Acidance, ‘Vostok 1ʼ (2008) together with Samadhi on Blitz Studios, ‘Electric Groovesʼ (2010) also on Blitz Studios, and ‘Kremlin Gremlinʼ (2012) on his own label Unlimited Music.

Additionally, Sergei released eight acclaimed EPs on Sangoma Records, Pixan Recordings and other record labels. Fungus Funkʼs sound is not easy to define as it incorporates features from different sub-genres of psytrance and generally tends to change from album to album.

Regardless of which version of Fungus Funk you get to experience, it is guaranteed to be full of fat well defined basslines, powerful psychedelic leads, and top-notch sequencing. Courtesy of his productive musical output and subsequent popularity in the international psytrance scene, Fungus Funk regularly travels the globe and plays his sets at various dance music events.

Among some of the bigger festivals he has appeared at are the well-known Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora (Hungary), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Psy-Fi (Netherlands) Sonica (Italy), Antaris (Germany), and Hadra (France) and many more.