James Corbett

James Corbett


Psy Trance

Vortex Stage

James Corbett loves nothing more than to see the smiles and moves from a connected and captivated audience, and especially engage in the transfer of energy that only a vibe filled dance floor can provide.

A Sydney resident that was Adelaide born but resided in the UK in his early years, he first discovered dance music through listening to late night shows on BBC Radio 1 which sparked his passion for mixing as early as 9yrs old, where he experimented mixing on twin tape decks. Today however, he’s a label DJ for the highly renowned United Beats Records label owned by Mad Maxx.

Corbett’s sound is heavily focused in the realms of Full-On Psy Trance, with his sets full of melodic leads, distinctive bass lines and all-round atmosphere. That’s not to say that you won’t hear a little bit of Progressive or maybe even a splash of other types of Psy Trance, because he’s all about the journey and adaptability. He is renowned not only for his silky-smooth mixing ability, but for structuring his sets in a way that build and maintain a high vibrational energy on the dance floor, coupled also with the fact that his sets are never planned beyond the point of playlist of options, Corbett is a DJ that keeps the true craft of DJing alive, and has done since his career began in 2001 spinning hard house and trance.

He has established himself on the Australian and International festival circuit having graced the stages at the likes of Tree of Life Festival in Greece, AUM Festival in New Zealand, Earthcore & Babylon in Victoria (the latter two under in his duo The Psy-entists). He is regularly booked to support major acts in the club circuit which have included the likes of Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Astrix, Infected Mushroom and so much more.

In 2011 Corbett co-founded Psy-ence Fiction with best friend and the other half of The Psy-entists, Adam Stapleton. This events brand has seen Adelaide get placed on the international touring map thanks to having the likes of Mad Maxx, GMS, Nikki S, Menog, Digicult, Reality Test, Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor, Vini Vici, Grouch (and many more) grace their stage either solely under the Psy-ence Fiction brand or in conjunction with other events like interstate events brands. Psy-ence Fiction has since expanded into Sydney and will likely spread its wings elsewhere in years to come.

Corbett’s skillset doesn’t lay just with performing at and hosting events however, he is quite the entrepreneur with a wealth of involvement in music media under his belt such as Mushroom Magazine, DJ Mag, Inthemix to name a few. He’s also co-produced a music documentary called Decks and the City, and has recently been getting into the art of interviewing key artists in the industry, with his first two interviews having been held with Phaxe and Ace Ventura, he’s mostly certainly set the bar very high from the get go.

In the midst of the 2020 global pandemic, Corbett launched his new online radio show Psyence Lab, which plays host to Australian and International artists new releases, guest interviews and guest mixes.

Needless to say, Corbett has a strong community ethic engrained in everything he does and his sets are consistent. One thing for certain, he thrives on the journey and contributing his positive dose of energy into the world of Psy Trance.