Psy Trance

Zenith Stage

Meraki is a Progressive Psytrance artist living down under in Melbourne, Australia. Nature and our Psychedelic adventure fuels his artistic quest.

Listen to Meraki’s signature sound and you will experience your synergy within the two.

Having supported some of the best PsyTrance acts from around the world such as Morten Granau, Ace Ventura, Mandragora, 4i20, Ritmo, Phaxe, Jilax, Unseen Dimensions, Tetrameth and Ryanosaurus.

After discovering the magical world of Psytrance in 2015, Meraki has dedicated his life to the scene striving to channel back the love it has given him. Through discipline and determination, he has come to a loving understanding of the culture and is now here to share this passion of Progressive Psytrance with you.

Beyond his artistic expression, Meraki’s mission is pure and simple. To remind you of the power in the present moment and to celebrate life, having as much fun as humanly possible.