Psy Trance, Techno

Zenith Stage

A born rebel who lives for renegade parties, Orca/Nymph has been solidly carving her way into the heart of Melbourne nightlife and is now a label DJ for Techgnosis Records. ORCA is a some what of a techno connoisseur, proficient in the craft and very well known for tying a room together with her signature heavy sound; dripping with dark and psychedelic atmospheres. She’s bold, brave and unique in her approach to finding music, ORCA has a wide range of influences and intricately weaves a new story with each performance.

Devilishly dark and always a little naughty, ORCA is well known for her delectable taste – Her playful sets and attention to detail has seen her support Twisted Sibling, Sumiruna, Hypnagog, Grouch, Terrafractyl, Gumnut, Kromagon, MELT, Triforce, Fabio Leal, Freedom Fighters, Ryanosaurus and a slew of her favourite locals.

Alongside some rather memorable performances at Elements, Initiation, Burning Seed, Collective Delusion, Defragments, Crunchy Town, Paradox and all of her favourite institutions, she was recently invited to curate guest mixes for El Orden Secreto (Guatemala), Porridge Warehouse (London), End of Now (AUS), Red Moon Tribe (AUS), Sisters of Sound (AUS), Creatures (AUS), Requiem (AUS), Proxima Frequencies (AUS) and multiple online appearances for COVID ROOM (Italy).

Deeply inspired by her worldly adventures, and incredibly supportive of the local scene – ORCA can see her opportunities are endless… but her heart is in Australia; where she is really starting to make waves.