Vortex Stage

Praxis is a D&B producer based in Sydney, australia.

Praxis produces primarily dark, deep, drum and bass splintered with psychedelic elements, foley percussion and glitchy beats. Holding sharp focus on creating cinematic storytelling within the boundaries of bass and rhythm.

Each performance being an amalgamation of his most recent work demonstrated in methods only unique to praxis.

After three years of developing musical skills and conjuring artist identity; Praxis has taken on the ‘Magnum Opus’ label project alongside Xsetra as well as beginning the underworld volumes which entail a series of tracks to be released that follow cinematic and glitchy underworld themes.

Praxis has released a debut EP on pulp glitchin records as well as two tracks through Magnum Opus on the recent ‘Aphorism’ VA. After performing at dragon dreaming 2022, there are at least three more releases planned in the next six months as well as Praxis’s first interstate booking with many others to come.