Prowler Dub Sound System

Prowler Dub Sound System



Vortex Stage

Forged in the darkest depths of bass heavy realm, Prowler Dub Sound System is the melding of two young minds on a quest for deep growling synths and girthy sine wobbles.

Brain melting, spine tingling music that one feels to the core – delivered with two cheeky grins. They love phat bass and know you will too.

Since creation the boys have become a regular feature of the Sydney & Canberra outdoor festival scene before broadening to Victoria to play Rainbow Serpent Festival & Queensland for Elements, Mushroom Valley & Happy Daze. Previously they’ve appeared at Wi3rd, Psyfari Festival, Dragon Dreaming, Subsonic, Regrowth, Lucid Labyrinth, Burning Seed, Psyland, Just Chillin, Soliton Drop, Prawn To Be Wild, G10 Summit, Tribal Rhythms, and Burner Solstice.

With a recent geographical change the boys have burst into the Sydney club/warehouse scene with standout performances for BassfaceTV, and supporting Koan Sound, Stickybuds, Culprate, Truth and 3rdeye and Subsonic Music Festival.