Psy Trance

Vortex Stage

One of South Australia’s top Psy Trance DJs, SlowBro has been taking control of dancefloors in Adelaide for over 15 years, mixing a range of genres before eventually being abducted by the incredible alien sounds of Psy Trance.

This off-world encounter in 2017 laid the foundation for an obsession with this high energy groove and SlowBro returned to earth forever changed by the revelation of Psychedelic music.

Performing as ‘Howling’ until 2021, SlowBro has brought his brand of up-tempo Psychedelic Groove to a number of outdoor parties as well as regularly featured on the lineup of Adelaide’s longest running indoor Psytrance event, Psy-ence Fiction. Placing as a finalist in 2018’s
Earthcore ‘Smash The Mainfloor’ competition lit a fire to expand that couldn’t be extinguished and the name SlowBro has now been seen on event flyers from neighbouring Victoria & NSW, to as far as Tasmania & Perth. His versatility and love of playing to any crowd has also seen him supporting major headline artists such as Infected Mushroom, Nikki S, Pspiralife and Megapixel.

While able to play a set to suit any time of day or night, SlowBro has always stayed true to his love of high energy psychedelic leads and groovy deep basslines to get crowds stomping.