Psy Trance

Zenith Stage

The bastard spawn of several ex-rock bands, and the after-effect of the digital age. “Tetrameth” is the brainchild of musician/producer, Peter Hayes. A seasoned psychonaut, & an artist that has played & headlined some of the leading electronic music festivals around the globe. Having released 2 significant and critically acclaimed albums. “Psychological Pyrotechnics” (2006) “The Eclectic Benevolence” (2010) on Zenon records. As well as featured many tracks on various Zenon VA’s. Tetrameth is a presence within the Australian progressive movement that shines through with originality. Most recently, “The Relentless Internal Concerto” – EP released on WEAPON Records (2014).

In 2013 Tetrameth alongside Australian progressive producer Interpulse combined creative forces to give birth to Weapon records. Now a prominent psy-progressive label that again represents a sound unto its own.

Peter is a graduate of the Conservatorium of Music and an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. Informed by an inspired musicality, Influenced by a wide array of musical sources.

Tetrameth’s unique style is experimental, progressive & steeped in paisley psychedelia. A frequency that is intended to augment the brain & refuel the soul. Truly unrestricted by limitation or the conventions of the genre. Quite simply, Tetrameth is a beast of its own.