Tom Baker

Tom Baker



Vortex Stage

An unmistakable sound sails through the warm Aussie wilderness to the cool dark cityscapes. Whether it’s growling psychedelic techno or profound progressive house – when you hear it, you know that it’s Tom Baker.

Writing his chapter in the electronic dance music culture, Baker injects enthusiasm into every crevice of his creativity, resulting in intricate soulful storytelling glued with acute technical finesse.

A first-choice remixer/remixed producer, Baker has coupled with Perfect Stranger, Electrypnose, Käse Kochen and Doppel. He calls the Stone Seed label home, yet consistently collaborates with distinguished imprints Recovery Collective, Digital Structures and Open Records.

Masterfully formulating signature dancefloor experiences by weaving his driving groove with warm bass and sultry psy-textures, Baker has landed an array of top tier festival bookings across Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Earth Frequency, Esoteric and Groove & Bass (Canada).

… Alright, now that’s enough from us. In Tom’s own words “Listen. Let the music do the talking.”