Psy Trance

Zenith Stage

Twitch (Zenon Records) a captivating DJ and aspiring producer with a pure love for music, dancing and losing herself in the flow of trance. Embodying flow, uninhibited movement and love.

A master tune selector that shares uplifting, zealous energy with heartfelt intention.

Her full-powered passion and naturally cheeky vitality encapsulates those on the dance floor.

Heavily influenced by her own mysticism, she gravitates to organic sounds mixed with spacey frequencies and swampy throbbing sub bass.

You can expect to hear her play Zenon bangers, bush prog to dark prog with divine feminine energy!

Twitch likes to take you on an electric wonderland, navigating light to dark, and allowing the duality to be explored playfully.

Gracing the stages of the top Australian festivals such as Elements, Earth Frequency, Esoteric, Dragon Dreaming, Mushroom Valley, Orin Aya, Rootbound and on the bill for the next Rabbit Eat Lettuce.

Twitch is a rising star on the scene and a force to be wreckened with.

“Music gives us permission to feel, dance allows us to express it- TWITCH.